Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Talked-About 2022 Netflix Movies


Netflix, an unrivaled streaming giant, is always at the forefront, providing endless entertainment options for every movie enthusiast around the globe. With 2022 already in swing, Netflix has unleashed a spectacular collection of movies that are already creating waves and causing intense discussions amongst critics and audiences alike. In this comprehensive rundown, we explore the top trending movies on Netflix in 2022 that are setting the bar higher in the world of digital entertainment.

Section 1: Netflix Originals Creating Buzz

The Power of the Dog

Boldly opening our list is the critically acclaimed The Power of the Dog. Directed by Oscar-winner Jane Campion, this tour de force takes the viewer on an intense journey across sprawling ranches steeped in brotherly rivalry, providing a story that’s as enticing as it is compelling.

Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up, a star-studded black comedy, has brightened up Netflix’s 2022 catalog. With an impressive cast including Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, and the mastermind of Adam McKay behind, the movie not only entertains but also sends a jarring message about societal ignorance towards catastrophic events.

Section 2: Top International Features


Hailing from Denmark, Flee has taken the international film industry by storm. An animated documentary that narrates the captivating story of a refugee, it’s a poignant glimpse into universal themes of identity, displacement, and resilience.

Drive My Car

From Japan, Drive My Car needs no introduction. Winning accolades in prestigious film festivals, this Haruki Murakami adaptation explores the human condition in ways that are both subtle and profound.

Section 3: Riveting Documentaries

The Tinder Swindler

True crime aficionados won’t want to miss The Tinder Swindler. This captivating documentary dives deep into the world of a notorious conman who uses the popular dating app to lure and swindle unsuspecting victims, revealing the darker side of contemporary digital romance.


Attica deserves special mention as it chronicles witness accounts and presents in-depth insights into the infamous 1971 prison rebellion. The documentary serves as a stark reminder of one of the most severe civil rights violations in U.S. history.

Section 4: Unforgettable Family Films

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines has unquestionably won the hearts of families worldwide. A heartwarming yet hilarious tale of a family’s mission to save the world from a robot apocalypse, it strikes a perfect balance between high-stake adventures and relatable family dynamics.

Back to the Outback

For the lovers of animated anthropomorphic characters, Back to the Outback presents an adventurous journey of unloved Australian animals to return to the wild, packed with laughter, daring exploits, and a heartwarming message of acceptance.


This wrap-up of 2022’s Netflix trending movies only scratches the surface of the spectacular assortment that the platform showers us with. A hotbed of innovative originals, international features, illuminating documentaries, and everyone’s favorite family films – Netflix is all set to keep ruling our screens (and hearts) in 2022.

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