Ultimate Guide to the Best Dance Songs of 2020

Introduction: The Rhythm That Moved 2020

It’s undeniable – music is the lifeblood of our society, and 2020 brought us a diverse collection of dance tracks to groove to. From mesmerizing beats of electronic music to pulsating pop rhythms, these tracks were the fuel that ignited party scenes globally. No matter how small or private the gatherings were, the music was always larger than life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the very best dance songs of 2020 that had the planet on its feet.

2020’s Top Chartbusters: Songs That Shaped the Year

The year 2020 was a rich tapestry of dance anthems that transcended boundaries, and here are some of the standout tracks.

1. Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Few tracks encapsulated the spirit of 2020 dance music like ‘Blinding Lights’. The ’80s inspired synth-pop anthem was not only a chart-topper but also a favorite on TikTok, blasting The Weeknd back into the limelight.

2. WAP – Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion

The fierce female collaboration of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion broke the Internet and created a TikTok dance craze with its daring lyrics and infectious beat. ‘WAP’ proved to be a defining anthem for many during the chaotic year.

Electrifying EDM Anthems of 2020

From seasoned veterans to rising talents, electronic musicians gifted us with an array of catchy beats. Let’s explore the best 2020 had to offer.

1. The Business – Tiësto

With its pulsating bassline and infectious chorus, ‘The Business’ by Dutch DJ Tiësto became an international club hit. A perfect blend of driving beats and soaring vocals, this track is a testament to Tiësto’s impressive versatility.

2. Midnight (The Hanging Tree) – HOSH & 1979 ft. Jalja

This deep house anthem surprised everyone by combining the lyrics from ‘The Hunger Games’ with heady beats. The result – a dance floor filler that helped elevate the mood in countless living rooms during lockdown.

The Pop Beats that Made us Move in 2020

Pop music continued to influence dance floors (or living room floors) with its addictive melodies and fun beats.

1. Savage Love – Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo

With its distinctive saxophone hook and energetic beats, this catchy tune dominated the summer charts. Originating from New Zealand, ‘Savage Love’ was both a social media hit and a dance floor conqueror.

2. Rain On Me – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Lady Gaga’s comeback album ‘Chromatica’ gave us ‘Rain On Me’, a track that stood out with its electrifying beats. Combined with Ariana Grande’s soaring vocals, this tune was indubitably one of 2020’s pop-dance crossovers.

Desi Beats: The Best of Indian Dance Music in 2020

From Bollywood dance numbers to catchy regional hits, India enchanted the world with its vibrant musical tapestry.

1. Genda Phool – Badshah ft. Payal Dev & Jacqueline Fernandez

A mix of traditional folk, contemporary beats, and infectious rap, ‘Genda Phool’ became a cross-border success proving music has no language barrier.

2. Burjkhalifa – Shashi Dj Khushi & Nikhita Gandhi

From the movie ‘Laxmii’, ‘BurjKhalifa’ captivated listeners with its merging of traditional Indian music with contemporary club beats.

Conclusion: A Year to Remember – Dance Edition

Regardless of how tough 2020 was, the music kept playing, and the party never stopped. In a time when the world seemingly came to a halt, these dance tracks allowed us to dance our worries away, transporting us to another universe. The best dance songs of 2020 indeed turned out to be the much-needed silver lining to an otherwise challenging year.

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