Discover the Finest and Most Talented Rappers of 2021


The world of hip-hop and rap underwent an impressive transformation in 2021. We were graced with a collection of topnotch artists who dominated the stage with their powerful performances and memorable lyrics. A toast to the top rappers of 2021, who have paved their way to stardom through their mind-blowing talent.

Their Music: Poetry in Motion

Rap is essentially poetry in motion. The top rappers of 2021 have mastered their craft, stringing together words in a rhythm that captures their audience’s heart. From hard-hitting social commentary to upbeat party anthems, they demonstrate their versatility and prowess in creating magic through their lyrics.

The Reigning Kings and the Rising Stars

Kendrick Lamar, also known as "Kung Fu Kenny", has been widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers of our generation. Despite keeping a low profile in 2021, he remains at the top with his unmatched lyrical prowess and dynamic delivery. Drake, the Canadian maestro, continues to churn out chart-topping hits while breaking streaming records. His album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ became one of the most celebrated records of 2021.

The Year 2021 also saw the rise of several up-and-coming talents. Polo G and Rod Wave stood out with their soulful lyrics and authentic storytelling. Doja Cat, a versatile artist, seamlessly merged pop, RnB, and hip-hop in her music, earning her a spot among the top rappers of 2021.

Their Influence: Beyond the Music

The top rappers of 2021 have exhibited their influence beyond just music. They’ve become cultural icons, trendsetters, and influential figures for social and political discourse. Artists like Lil Baby and DaBaby have used their platform to discuss systemic racism, inequality, and social justice issues. Their music became anthems of resistance and resilience, making waves globally throughout 2021.

Empowered Women in Rap

2021 was a significant year for female rappers too. Megan Thee Stallion, with her strong lyricism and unapologetic femininity, seized the music scene. Cardi B retained her crown as the queen of rap with the critically-acclaimed single ‘Up’. They have broken barriers in a largely male-dominated industry, leading the way for future generations of female rappers.


While the dominance of established artists persists, the emergence of new voices and the rising popularity of women in rap marked 2021. All in all, the top rappers of 2021 had etched their mark both in the industry and in the hearts of their listeners with their compelling narratives, captivating performances and undeniably catchy beats. Long may their musical reign continue!

Their music salutes their stories, their struggles, and their dreams. It’s them — their raw, unrestrained, and uncompromising selves — which inspire and entertain us through their art. So here’s to the top rappers of 2021 — the torchbearers of the rap scene, who have reminded us, through their music, the joy of rhythm, rhymes and rebellious spirit.

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