Discover the Untold story of OVO Chubbs: The Man Behind the Music

OVO Chubbs: A Major Player Behind the Scenes

Behind every successful music icon, there is often a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals working relentlessly out of the limelight. Among these, there are those who leave a profound mark. In the world of the renowned Canadian rapper, Drake, this person is OVO Chubbs. A childhood friend, a confidant, and an indispensable part of the October’s Very Own (OVO) crew, Chubbs has aided Drake’s rise to super stardom.

Origins of an Unbreakable Bond

OVO Chubbs, whose real name is Noel Cadastre, grew up in Toronto, Canada. He met Drake, then known by his real name, Aubrey Graham, during their youth. Little did they know that this connection would evolve into a lifelong friendship and a music empire, making them a formidable force in the entertainment industry.

The Birth of OVO

The seeds of the OVO empire were sown in the mid to late 2000s. Drake gained mainstream attention with his song "Replacement Girl" featuring Trey Songz. Around the same time, Chubbs began managing Drake’s career in earnest. OVO (October’s Very Own) derives its name from the birth month of Drake and his two close associates, Chubbs and business partner Oliver El-Khatib.

Roles and Responsibilities in the OVO Empire

As a manager, Chubbs is involved in organizing and managing tours, coordinating with the label, booking studio sessions to being in close contact with promoters. Nevertheless, his role is not limited to logistics alone. His influence is substantial when it comes to the art itself – from contributing in songwriting to being a constant sounding board for Drake’s new music.

Chubbs: A Behind the Scene Powerhouse

OVO Chubbs‘s name may not always be at the forefront, but his influence has transcended beyond the confines of Drake’s circle. He’s made considerable contributions to the industry at large. Despite not being a man of many words, his work speaks volumes.

The Sharp Business Acumen of OVO Chubbs

Chubbs‘s role in the OVO team transcends into the business world. He blends his knowledge of music and business to make strategic decisions that impact OVO’s music production, merchandising, and overall brand image.

Expanding the OVO Empire

Chubbs‘s masterful maneuvering skills were instrumental in the establishment of OVO Sound – the record label co-founded by Drake, Chubbs, and Oliver in 2012. He played an integral part in making OVO Sound a reputable label that launched the careers of notable artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, and Roy Woods.

OVO Chubbs: More Than Just Music

Possessing a broad vision, Chubbs has been a driving force behind many non-music ventures that OVO has ventured into, including endorsements, clothing lines, and sports partnerships.

The Fashion Venture: OVO Clothing

OVO Chubbs played a key role in expanding the OVO brand to the fashion world. Launched in 2011, October’s Very Own clothing line has quickly gained traction among fans and celebrities alike, with its infamous owl logo becoming a symbol of the brand’s success.

OVO and the Sports World

OVO Chubbs also spearheaded OVO’s collaborations with various sports franchises. The partnership with the Toronto Raptors, famously known as the "Drake Night", was a brainchild of Chubbs. This strategic move not only leveraged Drake’s global appeal but also significantly enhanced the brand value of OVO.

OVO Chubbs: A Testament to Loyalty and Dedication

OVO Chubbs stands as an example of loyalty, dedication, and sheer commitment. His role in supporting and advancing the career of one of the biggest music icons, Drake, while building a multi-faceted empire, makes him a fundamental figure in modern music history.

A Silent Crusader

Despite his significant contributions, Chubbs prefers to maintain a low profile. His humility and focus on his work rather than seeking the limelight reflect his character and dedication towards his craft.


The story of OVO Chubbs underscores the power and impact of the invisible hands that shape the music industry. His strategic approach and significant contributions have helped shape the OVO Empire, making it what it is today – a staple in contemporary music, fashion, and culture.

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