7 Steps to Mastering Linkin Park’s Guitar Style: An In-depth Analysis


Mastering Linkin Park’s guitar style, an iconic rock band renowned for its unique blend of heavy riffs, melodic hooks, and intricate solos, can be a challenging yet rewarding pursuit. This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to proficiently commandeer their distinct guitar techniques.

Mastering Linkin Park's guitar style

Deciphering Linkin Park’s Signature Guitar Style

The distinctive guitar style of Linkin Park is marked by an extensive use of power chords, alternate tunings, and multiple layers of effects. Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda, the band’s guitarists, utilize groundbreaking techniques to craft a sound that seamlessly blends aggression with melody.

Core Techniques

Power Chords: A cornerstone of Linkin Park’s music is their frequent utilization of power chords. These two-note chords, playable across the guitar’s neck, are simple to master and deliver a sturdy, intense sound.

Alternate Tunings: Another characteristic feature of Linkin Park’s music is the use of alternate tunings. This technique facilitates unique chord voicings and introduces a varied tonal spectrum.

Effects: To create their trademark sound, Linkin Park employs an array of effects such as distortion, delay, and reverb. These effects can significantly transform the tone and texture of the guitar sound.

Commanding the Riffs

The band’s songs are renowned for their memorable and potent riffs. Grasping these riffs is key to mastering Linkin Park’s guitar style.

Anatomy of Songs

“Crawling”: This song showcases Linkin Park’s deft use of power chords and alternate tunings. The main riff, played in drop D tuning, uses power chords to forge a potent, propulsive rhythm.

“Numb”: “Numb” presents a straightforward yet impactful riff that combines power chords with single notes. The song also exemplifies Linkin Park’s adept use of effects, particularly a heavy application of distortion on the guitar.

“In The End”: This song is a study in melody and rhythm. The main riff is a straightforward, catchy melody played on the high strings, while the verse uses palm-muted power chords for rhythmic emphasis.


To master Linkin Park’s guitar style, a firm understanding of power chords, alternate tunings, and effects is paramount. Additionally, learning to play their iconic riffs accurately is crucial. With consistent practice and commitment, this unique guitar style can be mastered and integrated into your musical repertoire.

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